Students at all levels - beginner through advanced - are invited to join Dawn Summers' Yoga classes. Dawn structures her classes to help students experience strength and flexibility, deep relaxation and well-being. Each student receives individual attention.

Dawn instructs in the Viniyoga style, which emphasizes movement, breathing, and body awareness. She is sensitive to each student's expectations and limitations, and tailors her classes to the needs of those who attend. Practice classes may include yoga poses, breathing practices, use of sound, relaxation, and meditation.

Pacifica, Ocean Yoga, Eureka Square

Wednesdaysand Thursdays        11:00am-Noon
Saturdays                                           10:45am-Noon

Center for Movement Education
98 Chenery Street (at Randall)
Sundays        9:00-10:00a


Yoga Discussion Group

We meet monthly for three hours to chant, listen, reflect and dialogue about transformation and our personal evolution.  Many people report that these teachings have a more significant positive effect on their well-being than the physical practices.

Mark your calendar for the following dates and join us for one for as many as you wish.  We will be starting with Book 2 of the text.

Sundays, 1:00-4:00pm

Price: $50 or $108 for three classes

Noe Valley Ministry (downstairs conference room )
1021 Sanchez Street (at 23rd Street)
San Francisco