Private Lessons

Since we are all wonderfully unique, each of us needs exactly what is right for us, not "One Size Fits All". The essence of my approach is to respect individuality by creating a customized routine for each student, which is modified over time as the student changes.

Experience the sweetly transformative nature of doing what is just right for you, being challenged at your own pace without strain, guided and supported by a skilled teacher. This is best done by enrolling for a series of lessons, so the process is a systematic and carefully monitored progression. Before your first lesson, please reflect upon your personal goals for the work, and realistically consider what amount of time you can devote to a regular home practice (even ten to fifteen minutes a day is a good start). You will receive a detailed drawing of each lesson for your home practice.

For most people, four lessons are sufficient to achieve a working level of proficiency, independence, and self-awareness. However, this can become a life-long practice; and maintaining the connection to the teacher with periodic or regular lessons will continue support you and help your practice to grow and evolve as you do.


Private lessons on Fridays at your convenience


Private lessons at your convenience in my Pacifica home studio.



First Lesson (1-1/2 to 2 hours long. In this lesson we do an intake evaluation, guide you through a practice and you receive written copy of your personal practice): $220

Subsequent Lessons (1 hour long): $80 -$110 sliding scale

Series of four: $415 (Includes first lesson and 3 more one hour lessons. Pay in full at first lesson)

Recorded CD of your Practice: $25

A MP3 recording of Dawn guiding your practice can be made after three lessons, when we have refined your practice. You can use this to motivate you at home!